Who needs to go to a Water Park for water fun and waterslides?

Swimming Pool Slides

Who needs to go to a Water Park for water fun and waterslides? Are the kids begging you for some fun
in the sun but you have too much work to do at home? Are you tired of the heat and bored with your
swimming pool? We at Universal Pool and Spa have all the answers for you. Waterslides for your pool
are much more than a 10 foot slide that only goes down. They come in many shapes, sizes and designs
and can liven up your pool experience.

Design and décor are key components in backyard environments. How do waterslide designs
accommodate all of the colors and materials used today? Slides come in as many colors and textures
today as they do configurations and sizes. Smooth, granite-like finishes are available in natural tones,
while solid colors are available in neutrals, as well as blue, white and other choices.

We can build a slide into a natural-looking rock formation. Slides can be built directly into the rocks,
resulting in a beautiful and realistic rockslide. Slides, with or without rock formations, come in kits that
are very affordable and can be installed in just a couple of days. It is always most convenient to have
the slide installed during the construction of the pool. The landscape can be configured to allow ample
space for the size and shape waterslide that homeowners want.

Flume sections come in straight and curved pieces with options that bend to the left or to the right
resulting in numerous length and configuration choices. A number of standard models are available, as
are custom designs that take only a minimal amount of space. Units that twist and turn, creating a long
maze that takes up a considerable amount of space, basic straight slides that fit into a limited space or
any size in-between can be designed easily.

Throw a backyard party your guests will never forget! Give your kids something to do that doesn’t
require them leaving home. Bring out the lemonade and fire up the grill because Universal Pool and Spa
is here to bring that water-park to you!

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Let our experience create another work of art for you!