What to consider when having a swimming pool built

What to consider when having a swimming pool built So you’re finally financially ready to have a swimming pool built in your back yard and your family is ecstatic about it. Here are some things to consider before the construction process… Make sure you know where the sun will shine on the area you wish to have your pool built. No one wants a cold shaded area to enjoy their pool time. A shadow of your house covering your swimming pool area will block the sun. A good approach to your swimming pool plans is watching the sun and how it shines in the area you wish to have your pool and deck built. You should also consider the elevation of your yard. Is the slope (if there is one) going to need a retaining wall? Depending on how you want your pool to sit, retaining walls hold back the soil either in front of or in back of a pool. You should also know whether or not you have septic field drain lines in your yard. You can be fined if you are on city sewer, unless the sewer line runs across the considered pool area. To determine where to build your pool to avoid these lines, Universal Pool and Spa can get you a drawing of your septic system layout. This will show you what was installed in your yard. Is there enough access space to get to your back yard for the equipment that will be used to build your swimming pool? Heavy equipment, tractors and trucks are a few things you will have to consider when it comes to the access of the area you wish to have your swimming pool built. Smaller equipment can be used if there is not efficient access to your property. Do you live in a subdivision with homeowners association? If so, you will need to read and understand their rules and regulations. This can concern the type and size of your pool, where it can be built, and whether or not you will need fencing around your swimming pool. If the HOA requires you to submit a drawing of the project, we at Universal pool and Spa are prepared to provide that for you. If you are considering having a swimming pool built on your property and have any further concerns on what to expect, please feel free to call us to set up an at home, no charge, consultation and design quote. Universal Pool and Spa (818) 347-6657. For information about remodeling your home, check out our web site: