The Benefits of Swimming for Kids

The Benefits of Swimming for Kids

Swimming is not only fun for kids, it is also therapeutic. Water helps us to relax and relieves stress
because it has healing properties. Swimming is also good exercise. It is a good way to keep cool while
encouraging a healthy level of physical and social activity. Swimming also provides a more effective
workout than some other kid sports and activities and even puts less strain on joints and connective
tissues than other forms of exercise. Swimming is a good cardiovascular workout and it promotes heart
and lung health, increases stamina, improves flexibility and strength, and improves balance and posture.

Swimming can improve the mental well-being of your child. It is a good way to improve your mood,
help combat depression and decreases anxiety. Parents of children with developmental disabilities have
found that group swimming improves family connection, according to the Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention.

Swimming is a good way to prevent childhood obesity. Overweight children will find that swimming
is an easier form of exercise. It is beneficial for kids with asthma. If your child suffers from juvenile
arthritis, he or she will benefit from the weightlessness of being in the water and they will be less likely
to suffer from asthma attacks while swimming than during any other form of exercise.

It has been documented by researches that the stimulated effect of infant/toddler swim lessons has the
potential to increase intelligence, alertness, and concentration. It has also been reported that swimming
offers improvement in social, emotional, and physical development.

Swimming is a good sport of choice for anyone seeking to make a profession out of it. Most Olympic
swimmers and Lifeguards have swimming experience since childhood. So whether your child wants to
be a lifeguard, a swim coach, a swim instructor, a U.S. NAVY aviation rescue swimmer, or an Olympic
gold medalist, there is no better time to start training than while they are still young!

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