How Gunite and Shotcrete Pools Are Made.



Gunite pools are easily, the most popular Swimming Pools in Southren Califorina. Gunite pools (and their cousins,Shotcrete pools) are highly durable, and can be built in any shape or size. Here I will give you an outline of the process at Universal Pool and Spa’s San Pedro Job site in Los Angeles County.  How Gunite and Shotcrete Swimming Pools are created: We dig a hole, put the plumbing in place and assemble a framework grid with 3/8-inch steel rebar. The rebar rods are spaced about 10 inches apart, and secured together with wire.


When this foundation grid is in place, the crew sprays a coating of gunite which is a mixture of cement and sand, around the rebar. The sprayer unit combines dry gunite mix with water just before spraying — this produces the wet concrete material. Universal Pool and Spa Has it’s own Gunite/Shotcrete equipment so we can keep everything in house.
IMG_0056 Below is a short video of concrete being pneumatically applied to a swimming pool wall Recently at our San Pedro, California  Jobsite.


With both Shotcrete and Gunite, the entire concrete mixture is combined at the concrete plant, including the water in the mixture, before being transported to the jobsite in concrete trucks. This is the same procedure that is used for the more traditional concrete with the exception of the lower water content in the Shotcrete/Gunite mixture.IMG_0043

Once the concrete arrives at the jobsite, it is poured into the pump,IMG_0060and sprayed under pressure into place in layers through a back-and-forth motion of the nozzle.IMG_0057 The Shotcrete application continues until the designed wall thickness is achieved. Shotcrete has a higher amount of cement and a lower amount of water than that of regular concrete. The formula results in a concrete mix that is dry enough to be applied to vertical surfaces such as pool walls.
The crew trowels the gunite smooth and lets it sit for a week or two before applying a smooth finish to the rough surface.IMG_0062

Shotcrete and gunite products have been used to create tunnels through mountains for roadways for decades. Many of the interstate tunnels you may have driven through were constructed using these forms of concrete.IMG_0006

Both Shotcrete and Gunite are what is referred to as “Free Form” applications of concrete. Free form, by its very nature, enables concrete to be used to create very strong and water tight structures following any design shape. Call us (818) 347-6657 or email us  if you need a quote. We would love to help you with your designs and answer any questions you may have.


Inground Swimming Pool Plumbing

Inground Swimming Pool Plumbing
When it comes to a new swimming pool project, the size of the plumbing is the most important aspect you should know about. The movement of the water that goes to and from your swimming pool depends on pipe size. This is more important than pump size. You can’t put a larger pump on a pool with a smaller pipe, but you can put a larger pump on a pool with larger pipe. You would be better off with 2.5” plumbing and a ¾ h.p. pump than 1.5” h.p. pump. This is due to the volume that flows through the larger pipes vs. the smaller ones.
If you did swimming pool plumbing in 1.5” pipe and tried to put a 2 h.p. full rated pump on it for circulation, you would actually put a stain on the pump due to the force of trying to move more water than the pipes are capable of moving. This is called cavitation vibration, noise and potential damage to your pool equipment. You will also experience a drop in the pumps efficiency and the pump will not be able to achieve its regular pressure.
You should consider if a 1.5” pipe moves ½ as much water as a 3” pipe. Logically 1.5” x 2 = 3 right? So you assume this is right, right? Wrong actually, a 3” pipe move 275 gpm vs. 85 gpm for the 1.5” or over three times the amount.
We at Universal Pool and Spa are your go-to professionals when it comes to swimming pool plumbing. For more information on swimming pool plumbing or if you are interested in having a swimming pool built on your property, please feel free to call us anytime for a free design quote and consultation. (818)347-6657. We also remodel homes, check out our web site: