Swimming Pool Safety Equipment and Features

There are several products that are added to a swimming pool, so you can keep your swimming pool area safer. Whether you are protecting your children, the elderly, or even your pets, keep your swimming pool area upto date with the latest technical advances in swimming pool safety is a must.












Universal Pool and Spa is dedicated to keeping your family safe.

Swimming pools can be a dangerous place for your kids if you don’t take the right precautions. Drowning can happen any time but studies have shown that the number of incidents skyrocket during warmer weather. We at Universal Pool and Spa are here to give you some safety tips to keep your pool safe for everyone. One of the best ways to avoid drowning incidents is to teach your child how to swim. There are many places you can take your child for swimming lessons or teach them yourself from your home swimming pool. But don’t be fooled into thinking your child is safe just because they know how to swim. Accidents can happen at any time, even if your child knows how to swim.

Make sure your children are always supervised by an adult. Never rely on other kids or teens to keep an eye on your child. It is common to develop a cramp under water or accidently hit your head on the sides and bottom of your pool. Accidents can easily happen by diving, jumping, running on wet pavement or any kind of pool horse play. It is important that there is adult supervision while your children are in the
swimming pool at all times. Do not allow children with no knowledge of swimming in or around the pool. Kids should attend a certified swimming class, or at least learn basic flotation techniques and life saving techniques in case of accidents. Children under the age of 4 should always be accompanied by an adult in the pool, regardless.

Enclosing your pool with high fences that can be locked is also a good idea. Do not leave the pool open or accessible since children can fall inside. Keep your pool safe and keep your kids away from the poolside. Make sure that the cover of your pool is completely lifted over the pool, do not partially leave it opened. Make sure your child does not walk over the pool cover. Spas and hot tubs should also be avoided, especially by younger children who are susceptible to overheating. It is a good idea to make sure there is always life saving devices handy at all times. Being CPR and First Aid Certified is good for any parent, even if you don’t own a pool, so this could especially come in handy for families that are pool owners. Watch what your kids are up to. Supervise their activities. Do not leave them alone.

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