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Swimming Pool Coping
Swimming pool coping is the material that goes around the edge of your swimming pool. It tops where the pool shell meets the pool decking and can be more or less glamorous depending on which option best fits your pool design. Swimming pool coping can be made from several different types of material.
Here are some options you can choose from when it comes to choosing coping for your swimming pool: 
Natural Stone Coping (such as flagstone, bluestone, travertine and limestone) has become a popular choice due to their natural aesthetic appeal. Not only do they bring beauty to your swimming pool but they have a cooler temperature than other coping options. 
Cantilever Concrete coping is designed to look like almost a drop off from your pools edge. It is an inexpensive and unique option when it comes to swimming pool coping. Cantilever stone coping is a poured concrete that is formed and poured into place. The coping is then stamped and pigmented. This process gives it a unique depth that is rich in texture.
Brick coping is a common choice for your swimming pool. It is known for its strength and comes in many different colors. Most colors are also available in paver style bricks and can be used on retaining walls, the exterior of your spa, decking and other pool structures. The darker colors absorb heat from the sun and can be hot to the touch. Brick coping is known to be the most durable and longest lasting. It is beautiful when properly installed.
Rolled Edge coping is known for its smooth edges that are rolled into a thick mass which points upward. It is usually made from brick, concrete, or cast stone. The rounded edge you get with rolled edge coping is ideal for swimmers to hold on to. Rolled edge coping is popular among swimming pool owners because of its safety, practicality and visual appearance.
Rough Cut coping (also known as tumble coping) is made from rough stone and it features a coarse, textured edge that provides your swimming pool with a casual feel. There are various choices in stone you can choose from for this type of coping. You can match the stone with the color of the bottom of your pool or the stone on your home for a perfect touch.
Bull Nose coping, like rolled edge coping, is rounded to the touch but it does not need to be smooth like rolled edge coping. Some materials that are used with bull nose coping include poured concrete, metal and vinyl. Be cautious when using metal because it gets hotter in the sun.
There are several designs and styles which can be used for your swimming pool coping design. We at Universal Pool and Spa are your experts when it comes to swimming pool coping. For more information about swimming pool coping or if you’re looking for a pool builder, please feel free to call us: Universal Pool and Spa (818) 347-6657. We also remodel homes, check out our website: www.universalgroupinc.com
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