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Swimming Pool Remodeling
Tired of your old, boring swimming pool? Have problems and need repair or remodeling done to your existing pool? Whether you need repairs or just want to add some new landscaping designs for a luxurious look to your already existing pool, we at Universal Pool and Spa can remodel your pool into an absolute paradise.
 We offer interior surface refinishing, deck surface refinishing, tile replacement and repair, cleaning system update and replacement, water feature installation, structural repairs, equipment upgrade (including pumps, filters and heaters), hydraulic repairs, lighting repair and upgrades, automated control installation and upgrades, depth conversion, adding an attached or acrylic spa, hardscape and landscape options and much more.
The first phase of our pool remodeling process is draining your pool to the sewer cleanout or to the street in accordance with the city laws and regulations. Once the pool is drained, the interior surface is chipped out by jackhammers and air chisels. If you choose to replace your pools tile, the existing tile will be removed. The construction phase includes additions such as water leveler, dedicated suction line, decking, tile, water features, boulders, new equipment, plumbing, barbeque, fireplaces and more.
The process of the interior surface phase varies depending on the surface you select. Pebble, plaster and 3m quartz are all applied by a pressurized spray nozzle. The finishing touch is then done by hand trowel to a smooth finish. If you choose pebble, the following work day the surface is acid washed to reveal the pebbles natural beauty.
The pool will be filled with water after your new surface has been installed. This takes approximately 12-30 hours, depending on the size of your pool. Once the process of filling has begun, the water should not stop until it has reached the middle of the water line tile.
The start-up phase consists of adding all necessary chemicals to balance the water and mechanically start-up all pumps. At this time during the phase we will instruct you on the operation and maintenance of your new pool equipment and surface. There will be some surface brushing that will be necessary to eliminate residue left over from the new interior surface application process.  After this is done, your pool will be swim ready!
Now that we have summed up our remodeling process, what are you waiting for? Call us now so we can set up an appointment for a free consultation and design quote.                                                         Universal Pool and Spa (818) 347- 6657.
Let our experience create another work of art for you!