Swimming Pool Finishes Features and Accessories



Swimming Pool Features and Accessories

You’ve spent a lot of time and effort in choosing your swimming pool. Now it’s time to “liven” up the scenery with backyard furniture and decorations! Are you a bachelor who will have friends over for a relaxing good time? If so, then perhaps you would like to add a bar in or near your swimming pool. Perhaps you want a glass aquarium connected to your pool so you and your family or friends can look at exotic fish while you swim. We at Universal Pool and Spa can make your swimming experience similar to swimming in the ocean, or vacationing on an island. And if you want to make this a great swimming experience for your children, why not add a slide, a grotto, a diving board or a play set near your pool. How about even a miniature water park in your own back yard?

With Universal Pool and Spa the sky’s the limit. We will help you find the right kind of water-proof furniture, comfortable chairs that match the scenery, tables that are the right size for you and your family, umbrellas that fit your style, couches to give the feel of a lounge, anything you want to add to be creative, there is nothing we won’t do. Rock formation and stones are popular accessories. Palm trees are a great addition too. Heaters, stepping stones, lights, mist systems and waterfalls are all great for the scenery of your pool. We offer great quality options to make your swimming pool truly unique.

Need new ideas? For a more detailed description of what we can offer you or to set up an appointment for a free consultation and design quote, call us today.                               Universal Pool and Spa (818) 347-6657.

Let our experience create another work of art for you!