Swimming Pool Coping

Coping (also known as edging) is the cap on the edge of a swimming pool or spa which is mounted on the bond beam. It covers the concrete edges of the bond beam, conceals the steel projecting from the pool’s walls, prevents water from getting behind the pool shell, and integrates the finish and tile of the swimming pool.

When coping is installed correctly, any water that is splashed out of the pool should flow away from the pool and down into deck drains. It also creates a non-skid surface near the pool and something to grab onto for swimmers.

Coping can be precast in straight lengths, corners or curved sections. Stones are traditionally made of grayish-white concrete with a porous finish. In lieu of coping stones, some pool designs feature concrete or wood decking that extends to or slightly over the edge of the pool. Materials include flagstone, brick or synthetic decking.

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