Swimming Pool Alarms

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Swimming pool alarms are a very important necessity as they are designed to prevent drowning.
We at Universal Pool and Spa are huge advocates of swimming pool and spa safety. While the focal point of swimming pools is outdoor fun, extra precautions should be taken. Why is it necessary to take such measures? It should be noted that more than 25% of drowning victims are children- infants, toddlers, even teenagers, and pool accidents that do not result in death can result in permanent injury. Although adult supervision is extremely important, we strongly encourage the enforcement of swimming pool alarms. There are different types of alarms to suite different needs.

Water intrusion devices (including a remote alarm) are priced from $149 to $200 for surface wave sensor alarms and between $190 and $250 for subsurface disturbance sensor alarms. The wristband alarm system, an intrusion detector recently introduced, costs about $179 for one wristband and the remote alarm. It is estimated that about 24,000 pool alarms are sold annually and that sales have doubled since 1994.

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