Pool Exercise and Workouts

Pool Exercise and Workouts
Too hot outside for a workout? Afraid of germ infested gyms? The best way to workout on a hot day would be in your swimming pool of course! Swimming tones your body from head to toe and burns just as many calories as running without any impact on your knees or ankles. Swimming is the perfect exercise alternative to running and a good way to recover your body from a physical injury. The pool is a great place to try a variety of different workouts.

Water workouts are safe for people of any age. Workout in waist-high water is a good choice because it puts resistance on your legs and glutes. Water shoes are recommended to increase your comfort and add traction to your workout. Even though you are in the water, it is still necessary to drink plenty of water during your workout to stay hydrated.

Treading water in the deep end of the pool will burn a good amount of calories in a small amount of time. Keeping both of your legs straight with your toes pointed, while scissoring your legs back and forth, while treading is a good leg workout. I suggest treading for 30 seconds and resting for 30 seconds in between treads.
Jogging in the water can burn almost 20 calories per minute because of the resistance that water provides. Start by jogging at 1 to 2 minute intervals, taking short breaks in between, until you build up your intensity to longer jogging sessions.
Another good water workout which strengthens your core is called the “plank”. Use both hands to hold on to the side of the pool and keep your body straight behind you with your toes touching the floor of the pool. Hold this motion and use your core to keep your body stable and resist floating in the water.

If you remember swimming lessons as a kid, then you’ll already be familiar with “pool kicks”. Holding on to the sides of the pool while kicking your legs will burn some serious calories and help your lower back at the same time. For more of a workout, kick in a larger range of motion. Use small kicks for a longer period of time to keep your heart rate up for a good cardio workout.

Pool exercise will get you back in shape in no time! For more information on this or any other questions, call us now, we’re here to help you! Universal Pool and Spa (818) 347-6657.
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