Los Angeles Swimming Pool Construction

Our Swimming Pool Construction Proccess

Used by our swimming pool experts in Los Angeles and Surrounding Areas.

Do you have any idea how pools are constructed? What you can expect during the construction process of your new pool by Universal Pool and Spa? Remember, each project is different and may need extra steps depending on your specifications. Maybe you would like a Waterfall, a Spa or Hot Tub, or maybe even a Deck with an Outdoor Kitchen to entertain family and friends. These type of swimming pool features will add more value and a more distinctive look to your home. Universal pool and Spa will inspect the development of your project by using our Swimming Pool Leak detection system throughout the pool construction process, by Adding high pressure ( up to 40psi) to all the Pool plumbing we ensure that our high standard of quality and all your expectations met perfectly.


Before the Swimming Pool Excavation starts, the area in which Swimming Pool will be constructed will be marked using your 3D plans designed by you and architect during your free in-home consultation. Excavation is the real start of the heavy pool construction process. Universal will remove the dirt in the pool area, in most cases using the loader machine. The dirt is shuttled by the loader to a waiting dump truck. When the truck is full, it will be emptied and comes back till exact depth is achieved. While excavation is happening, crew members will be installing form boards that pattern the approved layout. They will also shape and form the interior of the pool. Excavation process normally takes 1-3 days to complete due to our wonderful Los Angeles Area weather conditions.

Excavation pool and spa Sunnyslope van nuys

Plumbing and steel reinforcement:

The pool equipment will be arranged and plumbing installed in specific parts of the pool. Before completion of this task, The pool builders will set up and test all plumbing under pressure to ensure efficiency and reliability of the lines. In the entire process of pool construction, the pressure on these plumb lines is meticulously checked using our Swimming Pool leak detection system, to ensure smooth travel of water.

los angeles Gunite installation

Los Angeles Gunite installation

The steel rods will be the foundational framework of the swimming pool, for shaping and contouring. The reinforced steel rods are wired together and spaced evenly in a way that will provide strength within the structure of the swimming pool.


 Application of Gunite:

Gunite is a popular swimming pool construction material in the Los Angeles area comprised of cement and sand and water that is pneumatically applied on a surface to the walls of the pool. Gunite is applied at a minimum compressive strength of 400psi. Before the application or shooting of Gunite, Universal will measure the distance of your home, garden, playground and parking lot to protect everything from any harmful airborne debris.