Keeping Your Pets safe around the Swimming Pool

Pet Safety for your Pool
Thinking about having an inground swimming pool built in your backyard but you own pets, such as dogs or cats? There are ways to enjoy the comfort of a swimming pool and still make sure your pets are safe. Universal Pool and Spa is, once again, here to rescue you… and your pets!
There are many devices that attach to the sides of your pool, providing an escape route for your pet. One of them is called the Scamper Ramp. All sorts of creatures will find their way into your pool, not just a dog or cat. This will usually happen at night while you are sleeping and you will be unaware and unable to help these innocent creatures. The Scamper Ramp provides an exit route for animals up to approximately 30 lbs. For larger animals up to 70 lbs., the Super Scamper Ramp is what you need.
The Frog Log is a swimming pool escape ramp for frogs, toads, lizards, mice, chipmunks, squirrels, ducklings, turtles, bugs or insects, and other small animals up to one pound. Use several Frog Logs for large pools. Frog Logs save native wild life, keeps swimming pool water clean, and reduces time spent on pool maintenance. Once a frog, mouse, or other animal falls into the pool, they will instinctively swim toward the pool wall trying to escape. The animal will bump into the Frog Log, climb up the platform, climb the mesh ramp, and exit the pool.
The Safety Turtle is for dogs. Use the Safety Turtle just as you would for a child, only easier. Just attach the Turtle Wristband to your pets collar and you can have peace of mind, knowing that you will be alerted the instant that your dog goes in the water. Safety Turtle is great for dogs that cannot see the pools edge, or have little swimming ability. Safety Turtle is also used in pools without an easy point of egress for the dog.
For more advice on pet safety for your swimming pool, call us today. Universal Pool and Spa (818) 347-6657.
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