Infinity Pool and Spas

Infinity Swimming Pools

Infinity” pools are also known as “Negative Edgepools. Most swimming pools have a definable edge around them but the infinity pool is an inground pool lacking one or more edges. The infinity pool creates the illusion that the water lacking edges is supported by nothing. Europeans have used this pool for centuries, but they did not gain popularity in the U.S. until the 1950’s.


Infinity pools are especially effective when the edgeless parts of the pool are located over high ground that drops away. These pools are even more beautiful when near a lake or an ocean, giving the illusion that the pool water does not end and is continued into the lake or ocean. On high ground the infinity pool looks like a magic trick. How can the water simply stand up if the pool is not enclosed on all sides with an edge?


Really though, the infinity pool has a side on the edgeless side. This “edgeless look” is accomplished by placing a water collection reservoir below the pool and out of sight. This is made easy when the pool is located at the top of high ground, because anything below the top is not easy to see visually. The water collection reservoir works like the rest of the pool filtration system. Any water collected is filtered back into the pool.

Infinity pools can achieve the “never ending look” in pools that are constructed on two levels. A high level can obscure a level lower down in the pool, which collects any excess water. The pool water can drop down to a large spa or fountain, creating beauty on all sides of the pool. These pools are even more astonishing at night and owners of these pools enjoy their reflective ability. When the sky is covered in stars at night, the pool reflects the stars and the atmosphere and seems to represent the infinity of the sky. If there is a lake or ocean below the pool, a view from the pool several feet away seems to reflect the sky far out into the lake or ocean.

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