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A well-constructed, properly located pond can be a beautiful addition to your landscape. Choosing a pond site on your property is just as important, if not even more so, than the actual construction process. Selecting a pond site is more than “choosing a piece of land”, just as building a pond is more than just “digging a hole”. Many sites are not suitable for ponds. Some sites may have minor problems that can be corrected and other sites are doomed for failure.
If you are thinking about having a pond built on your property, here are some things you should know in having a reasonable chance at having a good pond: Be aware of the basic criteria necessary for a site to be suitable for pond construction. This criteria includes safety of the location, water-holding capacity of the soil in the pond, the geologic makeup and topography of the pond site and the characteristics of the watershed or drainage area.
Water adds variety to a landscape and further enhances its quality. Reflections in water attract the eye and help create a contrast or focal point in the landscape. A pond visible from a home, patio, or entrance road increases the attractiveness of the landscape and often improves land value. Good landscape design techniques include consideration of size, site visibility, relationship to the surrounding landscape and use of patterns, and shoreline configuration.
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