The Family That Swims Together – Stays Together!

I don’t have children of my own but last year my 17-year-old nephew, Joey and his new Mustang convertible came to live with me for the summer. I mention his car because his mother had already forewarned me that, for the duration of his summer break, his taillights and headlights would be as much as I should expect to glimpse of my young nephew. So, it came as no surprise that two weeks into his stay with me, when Joey (looking to borrow $20) wandered into the backyard this one particular Sunday summer afternoon and – finding me sunning on my favorite poolside chaise – exclaimed, “UJ,” (short for: Uncle Jimmy) “why didn’t you tell me you got a pool?”  When I reminded him that we had spoken about it, soon after breaking ground, he immediately remembered and asked if he could invite his friends over instead of going to the beach. Not only did I save $20 that day, I also met and was able to appraise my nephew’s friends.  And best of all – I spent the rest of the summer enjoying the company of my NJ (short for: Nephew Joey).

If you’re asking yourself whether or not you can afford a swimming pool, maybe you’re asking the wrong question. The fact of the matter is, if you have children still living at home, the pool project you keep putting off could be just what your family needs. Think about it – less time at the mall, more time at home.Less time playing video games, more time exercising. Less time text-messaging their friends, more time talking to you!

As to the specifics, your backyard is a blank canvas with seemingly limitless choices. Does a lagoon-style, freeform pool with tropical landscaping suit your tastes? Maybe you prefer a more traditional Grecian-style, reminiscent of the grand old days of Hollywood. Perhaps you already have a pool and spa that are screaming for a smart renovation. Be it simple or sophisticated, a facelift might be all you need to get you back into the “backyarding” spirit.

Your canvas need not be limited to the pool alone –  consider a trellised patio cover finished with large ornate corbels or an outdoor kitchen with a barbeque and wrap-around bar. How about a firepit, where your friends can gather for hours to wind down the day or a grand fireplace that becomes the centerpiece of your outdoor living room? Pavers, stamped and colored concrete, flagstone – Pennsylvania Blue Stone, Bouquet Canyon or tried-and-true Arizona – which decking fits your personal taste? And don’t forget the innovations in pool equipment including 4 filter microban filtration cartridges, saline and ozone systems, energy-saving whisper-quiet pumps and heaters? Water features such as sheer descents, deck jets, or natural rock waterfalls – are all bound to trigger many a backyard nap.

Comfort, healthy living, and Zen-like tranquility – all part of what you can expect from your own personal backyard oasis in bringing your family and friends closer together.  It certainly worked for me and NJ.

At Universal Pool and Spa, professionals with over thirty years of design experience can work with your vision to create an ultimate yardscape project you will be proud of for years to come. For additional information and a no-obligation, no-charge, in-your-home, professional consultation with one of our talented Yardscape Design Specialists, please contact us at 800.95.POOLS (800.957.6657) or visit our website at  Universal Pool and Spa has been serving Southern California for over fifteen years,



Jim Wager is Senior Design Consultant for Universal Pool and Spa in Tarzana, CA.  

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