Benefits of Using Saltwater on your swimming Pool

Salt Water Swimming Pools
The biggest new trend in swimming pools is salt water. Salt water pools offer many advantages over chlorine pools and have become very popular. Salt water pools contain only one tenth of the salt of ocean water. They are gentle on the skin and hair, unlike chlorine pools. With salt water pools you won’t have to deal with handling harsh chemicals, and the pool maintenance is easier, saving you both time and money.
Salt water is also known as saline. A saline purification system provides on-site production of the sanitizer necessary to maintain water in a safe, healthy and algae-free condition. Sanitizer is produced automatically , within the water itself, and involves no handling, storage or adding of any chemicals to the water. No red eyes, no green hair, no algae. Salt water/saline works great!
More and more chlorine pools are being converted to salt water pools. Today there are more than 1.4 million salt water pools nationwide. According to Pool and Spa News, an estimated 75 percent of all new in-ground pools are salt water. We at Universal Pool and Spa have converted many chlorine pools to salt water pools, we just converted a chlorine pool into a salt water pool in Sherman Oaks, Ca. and our client couldn’t be happier. Our clients are always very pleased with the difference. There is no longer that chemical smell. People also tell us that the pool water is much softer. Our clients have been very satisfied with this new system.
Chlorine chemically reacts with your hair and skin causing skin irritation and hair damage. Too much exposure to chlorine dries your skin and hair, leaving your skin itchy and your hair brittle. Chlorine also damages the oil and mineral balance of skin cells, destroying the fluid balance which causes dry, peeling skin. You can purchase moisturizers that treat this dry, irritated skin, and you can also purchase anti-chlorine damage shampoos to treat your hair, or you can avoid this altogether by opting for a salt water pool instead.
Chlorine is automatically produced as water passes through the generator in salt water pools. The water that leaves the generator enters the pool and the sanitizing chlorine reverts back to salt. The process repeats itself, conserving salt and keeping the sanitizer levels balanced. Although salt water pools require less maintenance than chlorine pools, the water should still be tested weekly for pH and chlorine. Monthly tests are required for other water balance factors and salt levels. Salt levels can drop due to water being splashed out of your swimming pool, filter back-washing, and rain. We at Universal Pool and Spa offer exceptional maintenance service. Our service provides everything needed in keeping your pool in mint condition, no matter how old it is, or how often it is used.
There have been some concerns about how the salt water can effect the pool construction materials, decks and other structures, but we at Universal Pool and Spa properly construct all the pools we build, followed by proper maintenance. When a pool is properly constructed, salt water has no effect on pool finishes, equipment or decks. We only use top of the line materials for every project. Our materials are suitable for salt water pool construction.
If you’re thinking about having a salt water pool built on your property, or if you’re thinking about converting your chlorine pool into salt water, call us today for more detailed information or to set up an appointment for a free consultation and design quote. Universal Pool and Spa (818) 347-6657.
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