Benefits of adding a Swimming Pool Solar Heaters

Solar Pool Heaters for Inground Pools
Solar heating systems are not only environmentally friendly, but they also require no maintenance other than winterizing procedures you would normally do. Using the sun’s rays to heat your pool helps to prolong your swimming season which dramatically reduces your heating costs. Solar pool heaters work with a pump that circulates the pool water through the filter while the water flows through the solar collector. As the water passes through the solar collector, it is warmed by the sun and the warm water then flows back into the pool. The water bypasses the solar collector and returns to the pool when the pool has reached the temperature you desire.
Why would anyone want to waste money on a heating system when you can use the sun to heat your pool for free? Solar heaters have an environmentally superior method for cleaning pools while conserving energy. They are virtually free to operate as they have minimal maintenance costs.
Swimming pool water is able to absorb the heat of the sun because solar heaters circulate the water through an expansive heat exchange surface. If you live somewhere where the climate is cooler and there is little sunshine, you may be better off with an electrical heating system, as the sun is the source of heat for solar heated swimming pools.
Some pool owners are thrown off by the initial cost of solar pool heaters but over the past few years the price has dropped significantly and several manufacturers are now marketing less expensive alternatives. This price drop, along with the minimal maintenance cost and positive impact on the environment, make it nearly impossible for pool owners to resist the investment.
You won’t have to replace your solar pool heater for several years because of their durable and expandable quality. If your energy requirements should ever change, solar pool heaters can easily be added. So whether you have a large pool or a small pool you can properly heat your pool water with a solar heater.
Now take some time out to consider the impact pool heating systems have on your pocket book, and think about the toll these costly heaters take on the environment as well. As a swimming pool owner it is no longer an option to protect our environment, it is a responsibility! Solar power pool heaters are a smart choice not just for you but for everyone!
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